What's involved?

We have the easiest online process for forming a new Limited Company or LLP, just follow these three simple steps!

Be sure!

Be sure that setting up a limited company is the right option for you! Sometimes a company is not the best method for trading and depending on your circumstances it may be better to start as a sole trader and then form a company later on. Why not speak with The Accountancy Partnership as they can help you decide which is the best option for you at no charge?

The 'Five Minute' form

Once you've decided then you're less than five minutes work away from forming your company! Our excruciatingly simple form will ask you for basic details such as company name, addresses, and so on.


Once you've submitted your formation form to us that's all there is to it! Relax whilst we get to work verifying your company details and registering you with Companies House. Once registered we then send all the relevant paperwork to you. The whole process from start to finish usually takes less than 24 hours!